Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

25 Pack of 1oz Relief Salve Pushup Eucalyptus Scent


Our newly formulated relief salves are now offered in this convenient 1-ounce push-up bottle. The salves contains only 5 ingredients: unrefined hempseed oil, raw unrefined beeswax (non-bleached), virgin shea butter, 1000mg of our pure, CO2 extracted CBD oil and one of 3 different essential oils (Citrus, Eucalyptus, or Floral). We believe you will enjoy the refreshing scents in this product.


Fast Action, Instant Relief, Soothing Scent!

The 1000mg Salve 1-Ounce Push-Up Eucalyptus Scent is specially designed for people with intense pain, and needs for relief and relaxation.

Our CBD salve is carefully blended with cannabinoids, essential oils, natural herbs extract to ensure a full supply of nutrients to your skin. We understand that a lot of users wish to possess an effective CBD balm for pain, CBD balm for anxiety, and CBD balm for relaxation. Our CBD Topicals activate your endocannabinoid system by interacting with the Cannabinoid receptor on your skin.

To achieve maximum efficacy, we increased the concentration of CBD in each bottle, while reducing the level of THC to less than 0.3%.  Each 30ml of the CBD relief salve contains 0.6mg of raw and unrefined raw full-spectrum CBD. We ensure that users do not experience the psychoactive effects of THC.

An increase in CBD concentration ensures that each rub refreshes, invigorates, and achieves the desired results on the point of contact. You can apply the CBD salve on your legs, neck, wrist, ankles, or elbow. Apply on the area where you feel pain.

Our 1000mg CBD Topical balm is used for muscle rubs and massage. You can use it after intense activity. It is very effective against inflammation, muscle, and joint pains.  We mixed some important ingredients to provide a soothing balm effect. For users with different choices, we have other essential oils (Citrus or floral), with amazing scents.

How To Use

  1. Collect the desired amount of CBD from the bottle
  2. Smear on your hands and apply on the affected areas
  3. Massage thoroughly

Required Dosage: The required dosage for the use of the 1000mg CBD depends on the level of pain in the affected area. With time and constant use, you will discover the amount that works perfectly on your skin.


1.          Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil

We add unrefined Hemp seed oil to our CBD salve, to help regulate oil production. It promotes hydration and moisturizes your skin without clogging your air pores.

This helps in the reduction and treatment of acne. We carefully select and extract our hemp seed oil from natural plants and flowers. This keeps the level of potency and efficacy of the CBD oil intact.

2.         Raw Beeswax

For us to achieve the light creamy texture of CBD salves, we use unbleached Beeswax. Apart from the perfect smooth result that it produces in CBD topicals, it also ensures swift absorption in the skin.

3.         Unrefined Shea Butter

To ensure adequate skin moisturization, unrefined shea butter serves as a powerful ingredient. We restrict our production to the use of virgin shea butter. This enhances the antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties of the CBD salve.

4.         CO2 Extracted CBD

For us to achieve the maximum potency of a full spectrum CBD salve, we use the latest CO2 extraction technology. This process ensures that pure cannabinoids and essential active compounds are extracted while keeping THC below 0.3%.

5.         Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend

The Eucalyptus Essential oil goes beyond providing nice scents. It acts as a major component for the soothing effect of CBD salve. Eucalyptus oil also helps in easing pain, promoting healing, and offering aids for anti-inflammation.


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