Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

2000mg CBD Natural


2000 mg Tincture (natural flavor or peppermint flavor): Our strongest formula, each bottle contains approximately 66.6 mg of our pure CBD oil

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The bigger, the better!

The 2000mg CBD Natural Flavor is one of our strongest CBD production. The 2000mg CBD natural flavor contains a wholesome experience of CBD which is designed to give you the full benefits of CBD.

The 2000mg CBD super extract contains naturally grown and harvested hemp. This is to ensure that you achieve premium nourishment of Cannabinoid oil.

We understand that our users want more; greater quality at a larger volume. We enhanced the 2000mg CBD natural flavor to give you 66.6mg of raw full-spectrum cannabinoids. This makes the product stand out as the best CBD for pain, CBD for seizures, CBD oil for relaxation, and CBD for anxiety. This includes an assurance for fast action and instant relief.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, we ensured that our CBD is THC-free. Users can enjoy the amazing benefits of using CBD, without being scared of getting high.

As a full-spectrum oil, the 2000mg CBD oil instantly interacts with your endocannabinoid system to help relieve pain, improve your sleep habit and boost your immune system. This includes alleviating cancer-related symptoms and improving your cardiovascular system.

Each bottle of our 2000mg domestically produced CBD oil contains only 100% hemp seed oil, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract, and terpenes. We ensure that a dropper of the 2000mg CBD oil provides your body with 10mg calories, 1mg fat, and 66.6mg raw full spectrum cannabinoid extract. For easy administration, it comes with a firmly fitted dropper, on a portable 1 FL Oz (30 ml) bottle.

To give users different options of goodness, we also have the peppermint flavor for users that want a blend of sweet taste.

How to Use

Here are simple steps to use our 2000mg CBD oil natural flavor

  1. Shake properly
  2. With the dropper, take one full drop from the bottle
  3. Place drops under your tongue
  4. Hold drops for 60 seconds for proper absorption
  5. Swallow

Required Dosage: 2-3 times daily

NOTE: Keep away from the reach of children!


Our 200mg CBD oil naturally contains only three essential nutrients.

1.     100% Hemp Seed Oil

When it comes to our choice for hemp oil and CBD oil for pain, we ensure that we select naturally grown and harvested herbs and plants. This ensures that the potency of cannabinoids remains intact. This also includes ensuring that the concentration of THC is less than 0.3%.

2.     CO2 Extracted Raw Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil

Our choice of advanced technology remains one of our secrets to producing CBD oils that beat market demand. This makes it easy for us to provide premium raw full spectrum cannabinoid oil.

3.     Naturally Occurring Terpenes

The use of naturally occurring terpenes is to provide a nice flavor and enhance the health benefits of our CBD oil. We carefully select our terpenes from common plant sources to ensure that their therapeutic and medical benefits are achieved.

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