Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

1000mg CBD Peppermint


1000 mg Tincture (natural flavor or peppermint flavor): Another one of our most popular items, the 1000 mg Tincture offers double the potency of our 500 mg tinctures, with approximately 33.3 mg of our pure full spectrum CBD oil.


A little extra for more value!

Why settle for the 500mg CBD Oil, when you can get the 1000mg CBD oil with an increased quantity of the pure full-spectrum CBD oil.

The 1000mg CBD oil peppermint flavor was formulated for individuals that want an extra touch to the amazing experience of CBD. Carefully manufactured from natural herbs and plants, the 1000mg Tincture blends double CBD potency with a sweet taste and flavor, giving you the wholesome benefits that you deserve.

We carefully selected natural ingredients in their right proportion, to provide users with CBD Oil for Pain, CBD oil for relaxation, CBD for seizures. We went beyond providing a CBD for anxiety, pain, or any of the health-related issues, we ensured that our CBD oil peppermint flavor gives you a soothing taste.

Our goal is to provide 100% natural and sun-grown hemp extracts that do not contain THC. Our choice for organic compounds is to retain the potency of CBD oil.

As a full-spectrum oil, we combine essential plants and herb extracts to help you resolve certain health issues. These cannabinoids combine to provide anti-inflammatory solutions and muscle tension relief, improve your brain health and promote the healthiness of your heart.

A drop of our 1000mg Tincture provides 33.3mg of raw full spectrum cannabinoid extract, 1 mg, and 10mg calories. Our product combination is to ensure proper absorption while maintaining a healthy body.

How to Use

Here are easy steps to use our 1000mg CBD Oil Peppermint Flavor.

  1. Take one full drop from the bottle using the dropper
  2. Place drops under your tongue. Allow to settle.
  3. Hold/Wait for 60 seconds
  4. Swallow

Required Dosage: 2-3 Times daily

NOTE: Shake properly before use. Keep Away from children!


Our 1000mg CBD Oil Peppermint Flavor contains only 3 important ingredients.

1.          Unrefined 100% Hemp Seed Oil

We nurture, groom, and grow natural hemp, carefully selecting the best seed species of the Cannabis Sativa. Our Hemp seed oil does not contain THC as we assure users that they will not get “high” by using them. The selective extraction of our unrefined 100% Hemp seed oil contains all the necessary 20 amino acids, making it a good source of nutrients and vitamins.

2.         CO2 Extracted Raw full spectrum cannabinoid

As a full spectrum CBD, we harvest and prepare our selective choice of plants using the latest CO2 technologies to ensure that our extract contains other important Cannabis extracts and compounds. This is to ensure more CBD potency while keeping the concentration of THC to a minute amount (less than 0.3%).

3.         Naturally Occurring Terpenes

Taste and quality are everything. Aside from lifting your mood and offering aromatherapy, our choice of naturally occurring terpenes aids absorption and provides a calming effect during/after use.

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