Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

1000mg Floral CBD Relief Salve 2 oz Jar


Our topical salve is formulated for fast absorption and quick relief using a blend of unrefined cocoa butter, raw bees wax, raw full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil and an essential oil blend.


Smell the comfort, feel the healing

Who says healing salves have to smell terrible? Definitely not us, with the Floral CBD relief salve, you can witness healing you would love to smell. If you are seeking a natural way to relieve pain, our salves are the perfect way to go. Combining the soothing effects of CBD with other natural ingredients, it is the perfect solution for all types of pain. The highly scented salves are an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the side effects of other products.

Our CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and is completely organic and non-psychoactive (it does not get you high). Our CBD oils are carefully extracted and distilled to enhance the potency of the CBD and its full spectrum of healing properties. It is CBD oil for healing at its finest.

How To Use

To use your 1000mg Floral CBD Relief Salve,

  1. Stir properly
  2. Take a generous amount
  3. Massage thoroughly into the affected area for full effect. To get the best out of the salve, massage vigorously to hasten the heat.


Required Dosage: 2-3 Times daily

Note: Keep away from children! 


  1. Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil

The many health benefits of the unrefined Hemp seed oil make it the first ingredient on our list. Containing linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid as well as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid, the hemp seed oil works wonders in combination with other ingredients.

  1. Raw Unrefined Beeswax

Organic and untouched by artificial chemicals, unrefined beeswax creates a protective film on your skin that keeps the goodness of the other ingredients locked in your skin allowing for the performance of fast action.

  1. Virgin Shea butter

Picking Virgin Shea butter as one of the principal ingredients in our CBD balm is easy. Virgin Shea butter contains necessary Vitamins and Minerals. It also has amazing properties that are aimed at helping you protect, heal and restore your skin.

  1. Pure, CO2 extracted CBD oil

We ensure the purity of our CBD oil by extracting it at supercritical levels. To make the perfect CBD balm for pain, we ensure that the CBD oil is clean, green; that way it is just the best for you.

  1. Essential Floral Oil

The floral oil infused in your CBD salve will have you seeking more. The perfect combination to go with your CBD balm for relaxation, it places you in the right mood. The floral oil used is soft, soothing, and has a strong association with comfort and calm, making it the complete companion with CBD balm for anxiety. You will have it no other way, the essential floral oil will put you completely at ease.



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