Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

1000mg Eucalyptus CBD Relief Salve Pushup


Our topical salve is formulated for fast absorption and quick relief using a blend of unrefined cocoa butter, raw bees wax, raw full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil and an essential oil blend.


Double the relief, double the comfort.

Every day is a struggle for those who suffer from pain and inflammation. The pain is so unbearable that they constantly feel nauseous and uncomfortable. Our CBD salves are designed to help relieve pain, hot spots, sore joints, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. The salve is made from our superior, CO2 extracted CBD oil.

Our CBD salve is made with organic ingredients. This means that it is 100% natural, chemical-free, and contains no synthetic chemical compounds. It is rigorously tested to make sure you receive the highest quality product possible. Our soothing salves are made with only the finest ingredients, helping you get relief from pain, inflammation, and other symptoms.

The fantastic CBD salve combines the Eucalyptus scent to improve its healing powers. Making it the perfect blend of CBD balm for pain.

How To Use

To use your 1000mg Eucalyptus CBD Relief Salve,

  1. Stir properly
  2. Take a generous amount
  3. Massage thoroughly into the affected area for full effect. To get the best out of the salve, massage vigorously to hasten the heat.

Required Dosage: 2-3 Times daily

Note: Keep away from children!


  1. Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil

Unfiltered and unrefined, the hemp seed oil of the highest quality only makes it into our production regimen. The oil is left in its natural state after cold pressing, allowing it to retain all of its healing powers bringing it to bear on the CBD salve.

  1. Raw Unrefined Beeswax

Organic and untouched by artificial chemicals, the unrefined beeswax that is the thickening agent for your CBD relief salve goes beyond the traditional role. It helps you fight skin infections and softens your skin, ensuring that you have got the best of skin while you heal from the pains and inflammations.

  1. Virgin Shea butter

Our choice of Virgin Shea butter is natural, as a standalone compound, shea butter does a lot of good to the skin. Coming into association with other ingredients in our CBD salve array, it brings its strengths to bear. Serving as a base to mix in with the other oils while moisturizing your skin wholly.

  1. Pure, CO2 extracted CBD oil

There are a lot of ways to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant, we choose the supercritical CO2 extraction method because it is safe and leaves a CBD oil that is at its purest. The oil then goes into the production process, waiting to unleash the full healing power to you in the CBD balm for pain that you will have in form of the Eucalyptus CBD relief salve.

  1. Essential Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil brings a new dimension to CBD balm for relaxation, its soothing relief is such a wonder and the additional healing power makes it an excellent ingredient in the CBD balm for pain array. Eucalyptus oil also helps keep insects away while disinfecting cuts. It is the right combination for CBD balm for anxiety.


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