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Can Pets use CBD products?

Our furry friends may be experiencing a health challenge that can be solved with the right CBD products for pets. Yes, our favorite pets can also benefit from the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

Using CBD for pets like dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, and fishes is not strange since these animals possess an active endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the primary site of interaction between CBD and the body. It plays a critical role in modulating cognitive responses such as hunger, appetite, pain relief, hormonal balance, and immune health. See our article on how the Endocannabinoid system works.

What are the benefits of using CBD for pets?

  • Reduces anxiety:

Pets are prone to a high level of anxiety triggered by separation, strange sounds, and car rides. Anxious pets may exhibit frequent urination, incessant barking, and unrest. When this happens, special CBD products like CBD oils, gummies, and CBD-infused treats for pets can come in handy in helping the pet remain as calm as possible.

  • Promotes brain activity

By interacting with the ECS receptors, CBD can promote mental health. They can promote the formation of new brain cells (neurogenesis), modulate the activities of neurotransmitters, and interact with cortisol (the stress hormone) to promote rest. As a modulator, the interaction between CBD and brain receptors can assist in promoting hormonal balance.

  • It can serve as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Pets are prone to several forms of inflammation, thanks to their lifestyle. These inflammatory reactions can leave your pets restless or dealing with pain for a long time. Since CBD can interact with CB2 receptors (a type of ECS receptors), they can modulate the activities of the immune system, thus keeping your pets free from inflammations. 

  • Pain relief

Older dogs and cats are prone to several forms of pain associated with autoimmune diseases like arthritis. The anti-oxidant nature of CBD is also important in neutralizing the harmful effect of free radicals. Administering CBD to weak pets can improve their activity.

  • Healthy coat formation

CBD creams and topical products are good for skin care. When used on pets, they can get rid of the peculiar pet odor and promotes healthy coat formation. This leaves your pet looking attractive and healthy.

  • Appetite

By modulating cognitive activities, CBD and the ECS receptors are very important in promoting a healthy pet diet.

Are there any possible side effects?

Animals have a more active ECS than humans. Information according to some researchers shows that dogs possess the most active ECS. Due to this, only products made for pets should be used. On no account should a non-pet CBD product be used for pets. This can lead to adverse effects since the concentration may be too high for them to handle. While CBD oil for pets comes with many benefits, the following side effects may likely occur.

  • Dry mouth:

CBD products for pets may reduce the production of saliva and cause increased taste. During this time, pets may require a lot of water to cushion the effect of the CBD products.

  • Drowsiness

While CBD products are good for relaxation, they can make users/pets drowsy, especially at higher doses. Always make sure you choose the right dose for your pet. Some experts suggest a dose of 5 mg of CBD per body weight.

  • Lowered blood pressure

Using a high dose of CBD oil may cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. This may make your pet exhibit some signs of light-headedness.

NOTE: As long as the CBD product does not contain delta-9 THC, most side effects for pets’ CBD products come from the wrong dosage.

Is CBD legal for pets?

To reduce the possible cases of psycho-activity in pets, it has been advised that the concentration of THC in CBD products for pets should not exceed 0.3%. THC is highly psychoactive and may tamper with the pet’s brain activity.

Where can I buy CBD for pets?

Just like any other type of CBD product, CBD products for pets can be purchased online. If you intend to purchase a good CBD product for your furry friend, you can read our article on choosing the best CBD products.

Why use CBD products from Uneek Botanicals?

Our hemp-based CBD Pet products were specially formulated from 100% organic hemp grown in the US. The 250mg low potency CBD combines the power of unrefined hemp seed oil, subcritical CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD and terpenes for optimum activity.

Feel free to browse through our wonderful collection of CBD products. We will be glad to hear from you soon.

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