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Using CBD for pain is one of the reasons many people came to know about the possible therapeutic potentials of the cannabis plant. Although the plant was initially associated with the psychoactive activities of THC, the discovery of CBD and other members of the cannabinoid family created an avenue to further explore the possible use of CBD products in pain relief, anxiety and depression, skincare, and more. Let’s see how CBD can assist with pain relief.

Can CBD Provide Pain Relief?

Pain is an important part of our existence as living things. It serves as a pointer to a healthy body or the presence of a disease condition. While experiencing pain can provide a vast range of benefits for our immune (defense system), its presence leads to discomfort and may reduce our activity. Pain can also motivate the accumulation of resources like calorie-rich foods.

Pain comes in different forms ranging from mild to chronic. While mild pain may not require any form of medical attention, chronic pain can limit the quality of life and may trigger additional health problems. This is why most people prefer to use a natural painkiller like CBD products when the pain sets in.

How CBD works for pain Relief

Since the legalization of CBD products for recreational and medicinal purposes, there have been many campaigns addressing how CBD can offer a vast array of therapeutic benefits, including pain. These activities are products of successful interaction between the endocannabinoid receptors and the CBD molecules. Depending on the route of administration, CBD molecules target the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and trigger them to signal the right system that will take action and provide the necessary effect. Although CBD is primarily attracted to the CB2 receptors, it can modulate how other cannabinoids bind to the CB1 receptors.

CBD products don’t numb the pain; all they do is locate the part of the body and process causing the pain, then recruit the right chemicals needed to sort it out.

Benefits of Using CBD for pain

The following activities show why CBD can serve as a painkiller for chronic pain, menstrual pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of the common benefits of using for pain are outlined below. Please note that these claims are from research works and customer reviews and not official statements from the FDA or any other regulatory body.

  • Promotes relaxation:

Chronic pain can lead to anxiety and depression, lack of concentration, decreased appetite, mood changes, disturbed sleep, reduced productivity at home and work. Research shows that CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid receptors and other neurotransmitters to trigger the release of feel-good hormones, which help you relax. It is the same principle that allows CBD to be useful in assisting with pet anxiety.  

The antidepressant nature of CBD is one of the leading reasons it is a sleep promoter. It was discovered that CBD could induce cellular and molecular changes in brain regions responsible for depression. Successful interaction between CBD and neurotransmitters can release a rush of feel-good hormones. Guess what? You don’t have to wait until you are experiencing pain before using CBD products.

  • Anti-inflammatory activity

CBD products like creams, oils, and balms are important in modulating the activities of the immune system. In 2019 some researchers reported how CBD possesses an important anti-inflammatory property, making it a perfect therapeutic product for regulating the activities of the immune system without any adverse side effects. Note that most chronic pains are products of a faulty immune system, and by interacting with the CB2 receptors, CBD can keep these immune cells in check.

  • Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals

Our bodies generate free radicals from normal essential metabolic processes or exposure to air pollutants, industrial chemicals, x-rays, ozone, and cigarette smoking. The accumulation of free radicals in the body leads to chronic disease conditions like cancer, cataract, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. When accumulated in the tissue, it can lead to muscle spasms and painful joints.

These harmful activities can be remedied by leveraging the anti-oxidative power of CBD. This tends to keep the body healthier.


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